Ozone webbook


Whenever I set out to do nearly anything, I consult the web for information. I was able to accomplish many things only due to the help of other people kind enough to spread their knowledge in this medium. This web book is my attempt to return the favor. Please be patient as content is added and check back often.

Max weight: 196 lbs. Target range: 165-170 lbs. Min weight: 8 lbs 3 oz. Today's weight: 184 lbs.
Number of times I have installed the engine and removed it: 18
Number of times I have installed the gas tank and removed it: 10

What's New:

Latest update = 17 November 2023

My website was hacked a while ago and I still need to get around to adding my other two cars and some of the old information, so check back periodically or subscribe to my RSS feed. I'm trying to organize the website so that information is easier to find. So instead of something like "V6 page 5" you will find something like "gear shift lever" or "fuel tank". I've added an RSS feed so visitors who are interested can subscribe and be notified when anything on the site changes. I've also increased the picture width from 450px to 640px for better viewing!

If you are new here, this is the home of the world's first V6 powered AE92 Toyota Corolla GTS. I have code named it Corolla GT6. I am still working on it. Progress is slow, but I will not give up. I'm forging ahead.

Things are picking up. I have managed to retire early and therefore free up some time. The Corolla and getting my house in order are the top priorities. Unfortunately, I've been so busy fixing things I'm still having trouble getting to the Corolla, but I'm very close.

Updates today are in the Electrical Section. I finished my gauges. Now I'm working on the cooling system.

Disclaimer: Every attempt has been made to make sure the information on this website is accurate, however, I am human and I don't know everything.  Use this information at your own risk.  If you don't feel capable of doing something, you probably aren't.  Get a professional.