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Books are in the Books section of this website.

Photos can be found on the Fine Art America website.

Steampunk/Industrial stuff for sale can be found on Etsy.

But here is some similar work and I can usually make something similar if you want to buy something. Just email me and ask.

This is a serving tray I made like the starship Enterprise. This one sold for $100 + shipping.
enterprise_starboard_forward_small_table enterprise_back_top enterprise_no_saucer
This little guy is up for sale on Etsy right now! $45.00
alien_hammock_ruler alien_hammock_top_dog_down alien_hammock_ufo alien_hammockdog_up2
I've wanted one of these ever since I saw it at Thomas Jefferson's house. Naturally I had to steampunk it. If you don't want to put books on it, laptops and tablets work well, too. $530.00 on Etsy.
bookstand_open_open_book bookstand_open_train bookstand_open_gear bookstand_open_key bookstand_open_air_ship bookstand_open_submarine bookstand_open_digital
I sold one like this on Etsy for $115. Of course the destinations were up to the customer. This is the one in my house. I love these things and always wanted one. Now I have one.
sign_post_DSC_2287 sign_post_DSC_2293

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