Ozone webbook

Megacon 2013

As you may know from visiting my website, I am a geek. I love going to cons and peoplewatching. Here is a little video I made from the MegaCon in Orlando in 2013.

Megacon 2014

Attended MegaCon 2014 and had a great time. Lots of spectacular costumes. I hope you enjoy.

Megacon 2015

Attended MegaCon 2015 and had a great time. As usual, my favorite part is all of the terrific cosplay. This year was the best.

Megacon 2016

MegaCon 2016 was the first year I attended in costume. I alway thought if I went in costume it would be something simple and comfortable. So I made a space suit. Go figure.

July 4 +2!

My best friend had a get together with a bunch of his friends. Unless you know these people, the short video will probably be pretty boring.

Treetop Challenge 2014

For our anniversary my wife and I decided to try something a little different. I think it was one of the most romantic anniversaries ever!

V6 Corolla

This space is reserved for a video I plan to make of my V6 Corolla when it is done and drivable. Can't wait!